Assignment Locations

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Learn more about where your career in the Air Force can take you and how career decisions are made.

Where Could You Go?

Take a look at the current Air Force installations across the globe.

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Who Decides?

You will have a voice in where you are located. You simply fill out a top-five-choices sheet, and the personnel center works with you to try to get one of your top five.

The Preference Worksheet (PW) is the key document used by officers and their commanders to state preferences and recommendations for an officer’s next assignment. This work sheet is used to match officers to assignments based on:

  1. The needs of the Air Force.
  2. Officer professional development.
  3. An officer's personal preferences.

How Often?

Officers typically move to a different base every three years. However, the assignment length varies depending on the type of assignment, the individual’s career field and the needs of the Air Force at any time.

When will I know?

About nine months prior to an officer’s reassignment, he or she chooses up to five duty preferences based on duty location, length of tour and type of assignment.

The officer’s commanderarrow-glossarycommanderThe officer in charge of running an Air Force unit's day-to-day operations. then makes recommendations to the Air Force Personnel Center considering the officer’s stage of professional development, while clearly expressing an officer’s needs and desires.

Keep in mind that meeting the needs of the Air Force is the top priority in making the final decision on all assignments. While officer assignment teams do their best to match an officer to a desired assignment, listing a job title and/or duty location on the preference work sheet cannot guarantee the officer will be matched to that specific assignment or location.